A trusted C-level adviser with international tech and business strategy expertise, advising firms in banking, retail and asset management that seek clarity and insight in to evolving business models around payments, risk, identity, fraud and e-commerce.

At Experian I focus on growing our Retail, E-commerce, Consumer Credit & Payments business. Further focuses on driving product strategy around acquisitions, fraud and credit risk, by extending core Experian’s global capabilities in to the mobile channel.

Represent Experian in industry partnerships and frequent speaker (Experian Vision, Money2020, ETA Transact, CapitalOne Digital Summit, Federal Reserve Atlanta, George Washington University Center for Law, BAI etc).

Featured in media (CNBC Closing Bell, WSJ, NYTimes, WaPo, FT, Newsweek, Bloomberg, Recode, QZ, CNN, SF Chronicle, Ars Technica etc)

Board of Advisors at SimplyTapp – creators of Host Card Emulation driving democratization and open access to NFC in Android. SimplyTapp has raised to date, $10 Million from investors including Verizon, Light speed ventures and Mozido.

Board of Advisors at ModoPayments, a digital payments platform for brands to connect any source of value to any destination. Modo has raised to date, $4 Million from a series of investors.

Founded DROP Labs, a mobile commerce strategy and advisory that offered objective research and strategy consulting in the intersection of mobile commerce, loyalty and marketing.

In 2015, named to the “FinServ 25: The Most Influential Voices In Banking”.

I write a very focused “inside payments” blog at www.droplabs.co, publish a monthly payments & commerce newsletter to over 300 industry insiders.

My research and writing has been referenced in SANS report on Security and Risk in Financial Sector, and by authors of Banking, CyberSecurity and Telecommunications books.

This blog will serve as a soapbox for my views and not that of Experian.

  • Lester

    We’re researching mobile payments for an institutional investor. I’d like to talk to Cherian Abraham.  Confidentiality guaranteed.  My number is 917 5875614. Lester Golden, lester@channelchecker.info, http://www.blueshiftideas.com is the research firm.

  • Michiel Willems

    Dear Mr Abraham,

    I recently read about your work and visited your website, and you have impressed our team with your extensive knowledge of mobile payments, e-finance, NFC and mobile wallet related issues in the US. Since we are constantly looking for new articles and features, I was wondering if you would be interested to write a short article for our monthly, London based, publication E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy, read by lawyers, regulators, e-finance professionals, consultants, bankers, lobbyists, interest groups, trade associations, payment processors, affiliates and academics around the world, mainly in the US, UK, Germany, France and the Benelux countries.

    In fact, some of the articles on your website are very suitable for our publication and would be of great interest to many of our readers, e.g. You could turn your white paper on the Mobile Payments Landscape into a short article.

    Such an article could be published in the March or April issue, deadline Monday 12 March or Monday 9 April, but since we are a monthly publication we can be flexible on dates and issues. A standard article is usually around 1450 words (2 pages) or 2100 words (3 pages). ince we are an independent publication we never pay nor get paid for any of our articles.

    For you  it is an excellent opportunity to bring yourself (and DROP Labs) under global attention within the industry and to share your knowledge, experience and expertise with many of our readers and potential clients. Many leading names within the industry, including MasterCard, the US Department of Commerce, the European Commission, Deutsche Bank, PayPal, The European Banking Association, Moneybookers, The European Payments Council, Visa, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sidley Austin and Allen & Overy, have written for us in the past.

    Please let me know what you think, it would be great to receive such an article from you.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration, looking forward to hear from you.

    Best regards,

    Michiel Willems

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  • Victor Arcuri

    Your analysis of the digital wallet from the suppliers perspective is, in my opinion, spot on. I am interested in your opinion on what merchants and banks expect a digital wallet to deliver in order for the wallet to gain wide spread acceptance. Please respond by e-mail to victor@cqrpay.ca

  • Sahit Garapati

    Dear Cherian,

    We are researching mobile payments for ‘brick and mortar’ retailers and would like to get in touch with you, basis your extensive previous work in the field. Please reply by e-mail to sahit.garapati@evalueserve.com

  • Rhandford

    Hi Cherian, you are a popular guy looking at comments below!
    i am about to add my own voice.
    i really liked your Google Wallet blog
    I am the Editor of Mobile Money Live.
    Do you have time to write a blog for us?
    The subject would be Starbucks-Square deal.
    My thought is that it is a complext deal: One part vendor contract; another part big company investing in a fast-growing sector; and an element of payments partnership thrown in too….
    Is this how mobile payments partnerships will look in the future, given the cross-sector nature of mobile payments?
    i am looking for 500 words by next week.i am contactable at rhandford@gsm.org
    Fyi, Mobile
    Money Live is an independent editorial publication. We are part of GSMA
    Ltd which is the commercial arm of GSMA, a trade association for mobile
    operators but we are separate.



  • Hi Cherian,

    I can use your assistance with a project I am working on. Please check the LinkedIn InMail from me. (Not luring you away)


  • disqus_1jXNt1mH7N


    I’d love your opinion on how you think the process will work that MCX is developing/testing/just announced/unveiled and its safety compared to NFC, HCE. ….http://www.nfcworld.com/2014/09/03/331179/retailer-owned-payments-venture-mcx-unveils-currentc-brand/

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