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Emerging Mobile Payments Landscape is a whitepaper summarizing the initiatives and strategies in the mobile commerce sector, with a focus on NFC enabled mobile payments. It focuses on the nascent mobile payments ecosystem and its inhabitants, highlights current industry initiatives, emerging revenue models, benefits & challenges to the adoption of proximity payments made possible through technologies including NFC. The study posited that despite challenges to adoption of NFC at the point of sale, mobile as the new payment form factor will see accelerated adoption simply due to its ubiquity and the context it can provide to a transaction.

The study was picked up by financial newswires and banking blogs and saw over 3500 downloads in less than 2 months.

Click the link below to download the whitepaper.

Emerging Mobile Payments landscape


Peer to peer lending marketplaces centered on the concept of Collaborative consumption have been successful in providing alternatives to traditional short term lending. This study looks at the long term impact of these marketplaces on the future of commerce, as these technologies converges at the point of sale, and provides short term loans to customers while abstracting all regulatory and operational complexities from both merchant and customer. This study will be a concept development project to paint a holistic view of the future of mobile commerce that weaves together mobile payments, loyalty programs, location based services and mobile marketing
around social enterprises. This study is yet to be published.

  • Jun Wang

    A good insight and summary of the current ecosystem! 

  • Michiel Willems

    Dear Mr Abraham,

    I recently read about your work and visited your website, and you have impressed our team with your extensive knowledge of mobile payments, e-finance, NFC and mobile wallet related issues in the US. Since we are constantly looking for new articles and features, I was wondering if you would be interested to write a short article for our monthly, London based, publication E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy, read by lawyers, regulators, e-finance professionals, consultants, bankers, lobbyists, interest groups, trade associations, payment processors, affiliates and academics around the world, mainly in the US, UK, Germany, France and the Benelux countries.

    In fact, some of the articles on your website are very suitable for our publication and would be of great interest to many of our readers, e.g. You could turn your white paper on the Mobile Payments Landscape into a short article.

    Such an article could be published in the March or April issue, deadline Monday 12 March or Monday 9 April, but since we are a monthly publication we can be flexible on dates and issues. A standard article is usually around 1450 words (2 pages) or 2100 words (3 pages). ince we are an independent publication we never pay nor get paid for any of our articles.

    For you  it is an excellent opportunity to bring yourself (and DROP Labs) under global attention within the industry and to share your knowledge, experience and expertise with many of our readers and potential clients. Many leading names within the industry, including MasterCard, the US Department of Commerce, the European Commission, Deutsche Bank, PayPal, The European Banking Association, Moneybookers, The European Payments Council, Visa, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sidley Austin and Allen & Overy, have written for us in the past.

    Please let me know what you think, it would be great to receive such an article from you.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration, looking forward to hear from you.

    Best regards,

    Michiel Willems

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  • Greg Spadea

    I just went back and re-read your Emerging Mobile Payments piece.  When I first read it I thought it was very informative and didn’t pay too much attention to the fact that you never once mentioned Discover, although they were the first to partner with ISIS.   Fastward after the Google Wallet/Discover and PayPal/Discover announcements and it becomes even more apparent that Discover often gets over looked in discussions like this, although they have a 25 year history of product and technology innovation.  

    • Greg, 

      You are right. Discover didn’t come across someone who knew where they wanted to be. My opinion is that they still have not, which is reflected in their partnerships with Google, and then with Paypal. One could look at that and say it allowed them to have bets in both NFC and digital, but to me that looks sloppy. And despite having talked a lot about Discover wallet, they seem to have taken the Isis insult to heart and never really recovered. Discover can become a platform if they wished and never have a consumer facing strategy similar to Visa’s V.me, but they have to do something on their own first.