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Apple’s next move, Courtesy of Siri –


Much has been written about Siri in the last one month. And a lot more, will. For those who want to learn about how Siri does what it does so well, this link should help. It does a number of things quite well today: its natural language processing capabilities, and its ability to interface with more and more third party apps – contacts, messaging, calendar, maps to name a growing few. And a Siri powered iTV experience just might be around the corner. That being said, what interests me is not what Siri the virtual assistant can do for me, or the million or so proud owners of an iPhone4S. What does interest me is what Siri could end up being, for the millions of others around them who may or may not even own an iPhone. Continue reading

How Microsoft killed Courier

This is a story about how Microsoft, encountering a disruptive product from within, opted to kill it fearing that it will cannibalize its OS profits. It is so rare that a company of its size can foster the spirit of innovation that it breeds disruptive ideas. And it is also indicative of the malaise that surrounds it that led it to smother it, instead of encouraging disruptive products even when it threatens to cannibalize existing product lines or profits. And then later to watch the same disruption take shape outside its borders and watch its profits erode. This is the story of the Courier Tablet. Read the CNET Story here.

Apple’s disruption of the Point-Of-Sale

Apparently, rumors are abound that Apple may be planning to launch an update to its retail store iOS app that will allow consumers to utilize self-checkout for purchases of accessories and other shelf-stocked items at the company‚Äôs retail stores. I believe that with this move, Apple is taking the first step to disrupting the POS, starting with its own stores. This may be Apple’s first volley in to the emerging payments space, at the same time drawing a clear distinction between itself and other stakeholders who has invested in mobile commerce. Continue reading


Google Wallet – A missed opportunity?

Google Wallet launched not so long ago, to a mobile payments ecosystem that is already fragmented and fraught with uncertainty. Instead of proving to be a disruptive innovator in the payments space, Google chose to partner with its entrenched incumbents. Instead of eliminating the point of sale experience altogether, it chose to be overly reliant on NFC at the point of sale, with very little progress to show for it. Continue reading here

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