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A change of canvas & A focus on design

Smart move by Capital One.

Certainly not the first time it has done it. And not the only bank either.

As banking moves from branch to app – from a wholly owned and curated experience inside a branch – TO – an app that vies for space in a “democratized” and crowded home screen, banks must realize that they no longer own the entire canvas. Instead they merely follow the design principles set by the most-used apps on our phones. I no longer compare my bank app with that of another bank, I compare it against the services I use often – Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Apple Pay, Uber etc. And if who you compete with on this platform has been redrawn to include brands who have nothing to do with managing money – then you have to try as hard not to be boxed in as a bank.

Having both the talent required to design these new experiences, and the capital to acquire them will only serve to further differentiate banks that have this focus as a priority vs those who will in the end get wrapped.

Rampant: Explaining the current state of Apple Pay Fraud

Two quick notes before I trade a chilly 36 for a blistering 96, and spend the next few weeks in India. First up is on Samsung’s acquisition of Loop Pay. Second is a followup on Apple Pay Fraud that has now graduated from an itch to a raging infection. Continue reading

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HCE: We are not in Kansas anymore


Both Visa and MasterCard announced their support for HCE and their intent to release HCE specifications soon. I have been talking about HCE from late 2012 (partly due to my involvement with SimplyTapp) and you could read as to why HCE matter and what Android KitKat-HCE announcement meant for payments. But in light of the network certification announcements yesterday, this post is an attempt to provide some perspective on what the V/MA moves mean, how do their approaches differ in certifying payments using cloud hosted credentials, what should issuers expect from a device and terminal support perspective, why retailers should take note of the debate around HCE and ultimately – the role I expect Google to continue to play around HCE. All good stuff. Continue reading

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Smoke is rising from Apple’s conclave

conclave_smokesTL;DR Read within as to how Touch ID is made possible via ARM’s TrustZone/TEE, and why this matters in the context of the coming Apple’s identity framework. Also I explain why primary/co-processor combos are here to stay. I believe that eventually, Touch ID has a payments angle – but focusing on e-commerce before retail. Carriers will weep over a lost opportunity while through Touch ID, we have front row seats to Apple’s enterprise strategy, its payment strategy and beyond all – the future direction of its computing platform. Read on… Continue reading

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“What” vs “How”

Today analytics helps us answer “What” as in “What am I spending on?” & “What’s my credit score”. Tomorrow, it will let us answer “How”. As in “How much should I save or spend” and “How do I improve my credit rating”. “How” is more interesting of a problem to solve than “What” when you have data.